Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Little Piece of the 90s

You know that nostalgic feeling about the era you grew up in? The 1990s is that for me. I love things from the 90s- the music, (some of) the clothes, and the shoes. When I found these Jantzen slip-ons, I had to have them!

They have this great cushioning on the backs to prevent blisters, and I just love the courd material and green bottoms! They went perfectly with my casual Easter outfit:

Jantzen Slip-Ons, Love of Jesus ($3)

And, just for kicks, my Easter outfit:

Striped Shirt, Goodwill Outlet; Green Short Sleeve Sweater, Goodwill; Jean Shorts, Goodwill Outlet; Shoes, Love of Jesus; Sunnies, Salvation Army (100% Thrifted!)

We went to church for Easter on Saturday night, so Easter Sunday called for casual egg-hunting attire. The weather was warm and pretty perfect :) I was super-comfy in these weird jean shorts that are actually like bell-bottoms...they are probably also from the 90s!

Hope everyone's week is going well! I personally can't wait till the weekend :)



  1. Love those slip ons! I have to get myself a pair for lazy summer days I think... too cute!


  2. Cute shoes! Love the colors in your outfit, and of course the sunglasses are fabulous dear..

    ~ megan


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