Friday, April 30, 2010

My Thrifted Outfit: Double Denim in Disguise

I feel like I just got off the plane from Pensacola, and now the hubby and I are heading to Brandon, Florida, tonight! But before I go, I thought I'd share this outfit I wore to do a little thrifting and run some errands with the hubby the other night :)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm loving double denim right now! With two different colors, it's easy to pull off, too. Add a long-ish shirt, a cool Luray Caverns necklace, a Bakelite Bangle, and flip-flops, and you've got a laidback but pajama-like outfit for an after-work Goodwill run.

Please excuse the "tough-guy" look on my face- I swear it's the Ray Bans! They make me feel tough for some reason :) I burst out in laughter immediately after this picture was taken, but this one showed the outfit best!

Here's what I'm wearing: Ray Bans, Goodwill Pensacola ($4.99); Chambray Shirt, Goodwill Outlet ($1); Necklace, Luray Caverns ($2); Red Skinny Jeans, Goodwill Outlet ($1); Huge Vera Bradley Bag, Goodwill Outlet ($2); Satin Flip-Flops, TJ Maxx ($14.99); Bakelite Bangle, West End Antiques ($10)

I never thought that I could get away with wearing skinny jeans, let alone red ones, but I love these! They are super-comfy and don't drag on the ground- a common problem for shorter ladies like me :)

The chambray shirt is odd- it has buttons all down the top and then just one button after that! I'm pretty sure it was meant to be tucked-in to high-waisted pants, but I like the tunic length.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be scheduling some posts to keep you entertained until I get back with what I'm searching for, recent finds, etc. See you Tuesday!


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  1. The red skinnies are fantastic and I love the chambray shirt and yellow flip flops with them, fabulous! I meant to congratulate you on those ray bans, amazing find :)

    Have a great time in FLA!!


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