Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Tie Dye Rayon Scarf Kind of Day

Since I got back from Florida, I haven't had much luck at my local Goodwill. Perhaps I've used up all my thrifting good fortune for the week? Most people won't find Ray Bans for less than $5 ever, so maybe that lucky find has me running on empty in the thrift department!

My one find this week was this strange Chinese scarf:

Rayon Tie Dye Scarf, Goodwill ($1.99)

Weird, right? I can't really describe it's texture, but I'll try. It's soft- a sort of lightweight dance outfit type of feeling. All I know is that I had to get it! If it was going to be less than 80-something degrees this weekend, I would wear it on the plane to Florida as a little impromtu blanket :) (Actually, that sounds like a good idea, so I might bring it, warm weather and all!)

Did I tell you all that I was going to Florida again this weekend? The hubby and I leave tomorrow night until Monday night for my brother's college graduation! I will have some posts scheduled, and hopefully I'll come back with some great thrifted treasure to share next week!


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  1. I have those weeks too when I don't really find much...then I hit the jackpot the next week! This is a cool scarf though!


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