Thursday, April 8, 2010

Picture Perfect

Sometimes, I can imagine myself living in a little old house, in the middle of nothing. Breeze blowing through the open windows and the hubby by my side, I think this could be a perfect life. I would go on adventures through the sweeping countryside, finding little thrift shops along the way. This is what I thought of when I found this great little painting in a bin at Goodwill Outlet last weekend:

Add blue skies, and this would be the perfect little scene. It's lovely to think of, although highly unlikely that the hubby and I would ever end up in such a place. Although I've come a long way from the three-times-weekly Target trips of my past, I do like being close to things other than wilderness. But it's nice to dream :)

Have a great Thursday- the crazy week is almost done!



  1. I would love a little cabin in the woods, but then I would like my 'stores' close also. I want it all! Nice picture!

  2. Yeah I like a little civilization, but it is nice to get away from it all every now and then. This would be a perfect "vacation" home. :)

    The painting is beautiful though!!


  3. What is Love of Jesus? A thrift in your area?
    Love the hat.


  4. I agree- this would be a great vacation home, to get away from it all :) And yes, Love of Jesus is a local thrift store :)


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