Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Luray Antiques Finds: Scrunchy Gloves and Tupperware!

I didn't have very high hopes for the antique shops in Luray. I mean, there aren't any thrift stores for miles and miles- what were the chances that the antique shops would make up for it?

Luckily, they did! They were pretty awesome, with great prices and un-picked-over stuff :) Here are a couple things I picked up:

From top left, clockwise: Scrunchy Vintage Gloves; 6 Brand New Tupperware Cups (For a Dollar!!); Springtime Scarf for the Shop; Tiny Little Quilted Pillow, all from Luray Antique Shops

I saw this rocky walkway on the way to the free putt-putt at our hotel, and I just had to bring my little bag full of treasures there to take photos! It was just before sunset, and the lighting was so pretty :)

Anyway, back to the antique shops. There were three little ones right in a row, and they all were very well-priced! I don't think anything I found was over $20, which is pretty unheard-of here in Richmond. And the folks that worked there were very friendly, stricking up nice conversations about my finds.

My favorite? An older lady at the second antique shop we stopped in, who asked me if I was buying the gloves shown above for prom that night! I just said no, but that they would be good for that :) (I'm wondering when I will look old enough to be out of high school, though! I'll be 24 next month :) Not that I mind looking younger!)

More throughout the week on our Luray adventures :) I'll actually be out of town the next two weekends, for a wedding and then a graduation, so hopefully I'll be fitting thrifting in somewhere!



  1. Tupperware cups = STEAL! ANDDDDDDD there turquoise! I love using mine, and as soon as I get enough authentic tupperware my girl friend will be posing for retro Tupperware party pictures!

  2. Very cool finds! Love the tupperware and such a deal! BE happy you look younger when you are 40 you will appreciate it! My 28 year old daughter still looks like she is in High School. Enjoy your weekends!

  3. Definitely milk the young factor for all it's worth! I fear I'll always look young 'cause I have freckles - still get carded not only for liquor but the movies! But like Linda said, you'll be happy for it when you're 40.


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