Sunday, April 25, 2010


So, I'm probably about to board the plane back to Richmond right now, so I'm scheduling this little post for your Sunday morning :) Unfortunately, it's not too terribly exciting, as this is the second weekend in a row that I've missed my fave thrifts!

Here a couple finds from my local Goodwill to tide you over:

Shopgirl, ($1); Target Over The Knee Socks, ($1.25)

I've been wanting to read Shopgirl for quite awile, and I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done :) And who would pass up these great over the knee socks for $1.25??? Certainly not any of the bloggers I know! Maybe I'll even get to wear them this spring as the 60 degree weathers keeps coming in, much to my delight :) Is spring anyone else's favorite season?

Happy Sunday :)



  1. I love ShopGirl. And I love Steve Martin. When I read that book I wanted to marry him - he's so well connected with neurosis and can be such a funny yet sensitive writer.

  2. I must be living in a cave, I'd never heard of this book. Time for a trip to the library! Score on the OTK socks!!!! (My favorite season is Fall, but Spring is a close second :)


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