Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ultimate Creepy-Cool Souvenir

You know how I used to do creepy-cool Fridays? Well, it turns out there isn't a ton of creepy-cool things out there. They're either a little too creepy, or not quite creepy enough to be perfect.

However, when we went to the Luray Zoo, I found the absolute ultimate in creepy-cool. Yes, my friends, I found a ring I can actually wear that has a real bug in it! And it glows in the dark!

Awesome Real Bug Ring, Luray Zoo ($8)

To be honest, I didn't realize until after I got it that it glowed in the dark. What an awesome surprise, though! (Man, I was talking yesterday about being mistaken for a high schooler, and here I am acting like my middle school self! :) )

The Luray Zoo was pretty awesome, too. It's a rescue zoo, so it's filled with animals they've saved from all over. My favorites were the reptiles and the yak!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week :) I will have a wrap-up of Luray adventures tomorrow, with some pictures of the awesome caverns and our "antique style" hotel room. And I have been able to fit a tiny bit of thrifting in, so expect some thrifty finds really soon!



  1. Amanda, the ring is creepy but glow in the dark is cool!!

  2. I think that ring is pretty darn cool! and it glows in the dark too? Score! lol :D

  3. I love zoos! A yak?! That's insane, I've never seen one in person...didn't think they'd be well suited to the mid-Atlantic region but there you are...

    Oh, and I looked all around Goodwill today for a left over Rodarte cardigan but no luck! I couldn't even find a single dress when just a week ago there were about ten. Plenty of those size 0 skirts though, and that's not useful to you OR me. :(


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