Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finds From the Waterfront

As I was saying yesterday, the Waterfront Rescue Mission is a pretty neat thrift store :) It's always fun to go thrifting somewhere new- you never know what you'll find or how great the prices might be!

I had pretty good luck at WRM, where I found some awesome little vintage things along with two magazines from that huge magazine rack!

First: The Compleat I Hate To Cook Book by: Peg Bracken. I had to get this when I saw it, as I am exactly the type of person this was written for! I am not a chef, nor do I like to attempt to be, but this book will hopefully motivate me to get in the kitchen a little more often!

Second: Red and yellow framed vintage reading glasses. These are heavy and the lenses work more like magnifying glasses than modern reading glasses. I just love the look of them! So delightfully nerdy in the best way :) These might end up in the etsy shop, but for now they are hanging out on my desk.

Third: Handmade button necklace. I can't imagine the time and effort that it must've taken to make this hand-woven-together necklace! Each button is attached to the overlapping ones with sewing thread. It's so unique and lovely that I have to show you a close-up:

Handmade Button Necklace, Waterfront Rescue Mission ($0.99)
It's surprisingly difficult finding non-metal jewelry, so this already great find is extra-special to me since I can wear it! I find that having to look harder for unique jewelry that has no metal leads me to some pretty great pieces :) (My real bug ring...cough cough...)
What are your hurdles when thrift shopping? Or even shopping in general?
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I'm loving your finds! We'll be in Richmond tomorrow & I'd love to check out some of the thrifts you mention in the blog. Do you have a list I can print out for my gps? You can email me at reginastamps@ Thanks!

  2. I find it's difficult to find the items I'm really looking for. I make "thrift store shopping" lists. So, like right now I'm looking for cotton scarfs with floral design and wide, solid color belts. Lists keep me focused, but FINDING the items are another! haha

  3. Thanks Regina! I emailed you them :) Megan- I do the same thing! And I agree, sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for, but when you do, it's an amazing feeling!

  4. What a cool necklace!! Maybe I'll try to make one.. It will be a new fad for us "sensitive skin" people :)

  5. LOL Megan! I say let's start a trend!


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