Monday, April 12, 2010

My Apologies, Diversity Thrift

Remember how I totally dissed Diversity Thrift in one of my first posts? Well, please forget that I ever did! I finally ventured back there after all these months, and it was a hundred- no a thousand- times better.

Not only was it much, much cleaner and well-organized, but I found something that I absolutely love. For a dollar. I take it all back, Diversity Thrift!

Awesome Gold-Lined Shell Necklace, Diversity Thrift ($1)

Not only is the perfect shell, well, perfect- it came on a string of yarn that my weird-metal-allergy self can wear! You can bet that I put this baby on the minute I paid for it :) And of course wore it yesterday too! You know you have something special when the checkout guy at the grocery store says your necklace is awesome.

I have more to show and tell about Saturday's finds, but I just couldn't wait to share this with you :) Hope your weekend was as great as I feel wearing my new necklace! (Pretty gosh darn great!!!!)



  1. That is really pretty, can't wait for photos of it on you!!

  2. Thanks, Linda! I love that it's on yarn so I can actually wear it!

  3. Awesome, what a find!! I'm so glad I found someone that I can commiserate with -- I have to wear plastic jewelry all summer, my phone gives me a rash on my cheek, and I don't wear watches EVER (I blame my constant lateness on this). Does that happen to you? I just recently figured out that I can wear metal rings if I take them off and on all day and move them around my fingers, AND wash my hands a lot. So much work for accessories!!! Sorry for writing a book here, just no one else I know has this problem!

    I'm so glad you found a treasure you can wear!! And isn't it weird how it is usually guys who comment on something really cool? I had the same thing happen to me the other day at the grocery store checkout..

  4. Hey Amanda! I ran across this today, on one of my periodic GooglePaloozas. I remember your post in September.

    I am so happy that you had a better experience on your April vist. Much has improved, I agree. Our Thrift Manager was hired in June last year, and boy did she have some work to do, all within a non-profit budget. I hope you visit again-it's our 10th Anniversary in August-lots of special events and sales planned.

    Jay Squires
    Gay Community Center of Richmond/Diversity Thrift

  5. Thanks for the comment, Jay! I hope I wasn't too harsh in the first post, but I was way impressed in April, and I'll definitely be going back :) I wear the shell necklace I got all the time- it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry!


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