Saturday, May 1, 2010

Summer Straw

It's supposed to top out at 90-something degrees in Richmond this weekend, and in Florida, too! Oh, my. Has summer come early? Maybe not, but for me it's only about a month until sunny summer days by the beach with a straw hat and flip-flops!

My latest thrifted straw hat I found at the same Pensacola Goodwill that yielded the amazing Ray Bans :) I thought I'd take this little hat's picture in a summer-like environment: my thrifted handmade quilt!

Straw hats just scream 'summer' to me. That, and sandy beach towels, thunderstorms turning into sunny afternoons, flip-flops, and almost-scorching heat. What makes you think of summer? And are you ready for it, or are you totally digging spring like I am? :)



  1. Cute hat! I'm looking for a similar hat.

    Breezy cotton skirts and dresses make me think of summer and I can't wait!

  2. Love the hat and that quilt! Shorts and tanks and sandals make me think summer. Oh and cute hats to shade me from the sun!

  3. OOOooo, I love the hat! Straw hats and bags definitely say summer to me, I have an insane collection right now just waiting for an exotic trip somewhere. Still trying to figure out a way to incorporate them to an everyday outfit. Maybe you can help :)

    Have a great weekend Amanda! I just love your posts and retro style!!!

  4. What a find! That picture screams "summer picnic" to me!


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