Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Vintage Treasure Love

I am such a fan of little vintage things. Especially if they are odd/random/weird...and what fits these descriptions more than an old gear shift from a Datsun? (Well, okay, maybe I have seen odder things while thrifting...but they aren't appropriate to talk about on this family-friendly blog!)

Check out these cool, old (appropriate!) things from Saturday's thrifting:

Vintage Brown Ceramic Insulator, Busch Gardens Bookmark, Money Clip, and Dolphins Pin, Love of Jesus; Vintage Astrology Sign Rings, Good Samaritan; Datsun Gear Shift, and Plastic and Metal Combs, Antique Shop

I know I said that I'd stopped collecting vintage insulators, but this one's shape and chocolate brown color is so different I had to get it! Everything else except the gear shift and the Taurus ring will be appearing in the shop shortly :) Although the little rings are made for children, I am thinking of tying mine to a long silk thread and wearing it as a necklace!

I still haven't shown you my best finds from Saturday :) They'll be coming up tomorrow for sure!



  1. haven't seen plastic and metal combs in forever

  2. The Datsun gear shift is the bomb!!! I think it is awesome that you have a collection of insulators. I hope I get to see them in person someday!!

  3. Thanks Megan(s!) Yeah I got the combs and gear shift from the same vendor at an antique mall who had awesome things! And I'd love to show you my collections someday, Megan :)


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