Friday, December 17, 2010

A Horse, of Course

Did anyone else grow up watching reruns of Mr. Ed? I grew up scared of horses, but I still liked that show :)

Speaking of horses, I have my last find of the weekend to show you guys today. I had to wait to post about it because it's a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker/friend, and she's getting it today :)

Meet the most perfect vintage oilcloth horse ever:

Vintage Stuffed Horse, Midlothian Antiques
I went searching this past weekend for something perfect for my Secret Santa. When I found this little guy, I knew he was just right! My S.S. rides horses and really loves them, so I know he'll be going to a good home :)

The vintage horse scarf has been hanging around my apartment for months, and I knew it would be the perfect addition to 'ol Mr. Ed :)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


PS: No Guy Finds Friday today due to the snow. It took my poor hubby much longer than usual to make it home from work last night, so he was too tired to write anything. A stick-shift Mustang + snow does not equal easy driving conditions!

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  1. That's really neat! Your Secret Santa is lucky!


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