Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Favorite Finds of 2010: #4

For the last four days of the year, I'll be counting down my favorite finds of 2010 :) It was a great year for thrifting, so it's extra-tough to narrow it down to just four finds, but here we go!

Number four on the countdown is this very high-quality leather purse I found amongst the fake LV bags at Love of Jesus. I had been looking for a backpack-style purse that would be sturdy enough to last, and this beauty fit the bill perfectly:

Black Leather Backpack, Love of Jesus
My favorite feature of the bag is the exposed zipper, which seems to add a bit of toughness to an otherwise innocent staple. Of all the bags I've thrifted this year, this one is my favorite, and I know it'll be around for years to come :)

Stay tuned for my other favorite finds of the year, and let me know if you had a favorite!!


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