Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Obsession: Estate Sales!

I think I have a new Sunday love: Estate Sales :) Wow. I had never gone to one until the weekend before last, when we were looking for furniture.

The one the hubby and I went to Sunday was awesome! I don't think that many of the things had been used in many, many years...there was a full Lysol container that looked like it was 40 years old in the bathroom!

I scored a perfectly worn-in T-shirt, a super-vintage Band-aide container, a leather cigarrette case (which I promptly cleaned out and that I plan to use to carry my vintage pins on trips), a cool old-man hat and a Ford bag for hubby, a travel-size Yves Saint Laurent perfume, and these:

...all for.... $8! I was a little worried, 'cause I only had $10 in my purse and we thought we'd have to go to the bank to get more money for all our stuff!

But since it was Sunday, everything was half off, so we were fine. It was really fun to walk around all the rooms and get a glimpse of what life was like years ago.

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow's Thanksgiving :)


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