Sunday, November 8, 2009

Call The Doc!

I had a really good thrift day yesterday, especially (as I could've predicted) at Goodwill Outlet. Not only did I find two more vintage Coach purses, but I found the most perfect Doc Martins! In my size! For $2!

I know it is fairly easy to find Docs at thrift stores, but it is hard to find them in almost-new condition, in your size, for $2. Man, am I happy :)

Now, don't get mad at me or think I'm crazy, but I also got...another Samsonite train case. I couldn't resist. For $3, it's light blue and so cute. I just plain love them. (Of course, my hubby thinks I am very strange indeed to have this obsession, but oh well!)

And here are my lovely Docs:

Ahhhh. Have a great rest of your weekend :)



  1. Hi! I thought of you yesterday... I went thrifting at the Salvation Army and they had all these great shoes. Sadly they weren't in my size, so I felt your pain, but I did get a great leather jacket for $9. :)


  2. Lol- I know, right? To see awesome shoes for a great deal and not have them fit...the worst! But congrats on your leather jacket! I'm still searching for one, and I thought I found one yesterday, but then I saw a big hole in the side. Oh well! :)


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