Saturday, November 28, 2009

What I Scored!

Before I left this morning, I wrote out the list from the last post to keep me on track with my $20 thrifting spree.

And guess what? It helped! Not only did I score everything I needed (minus the Justin boots...those are going on Josh's Christmas list for me!), but I got some AWESOME deals on things I wouldn't think were possible with limited cash!

Here's what I got from my list:

 (Plus a bulletin board, not pictured due to it's boringness, minus the Trouble game that I got for fun!)

Sony Vintage Alarm Clock ($1.50. Check!); Pencils ( $0.45. Check!); Etsy Shop Item Holder ($3.00. Check!); Christmas Sweater (<$1. Check!)

I also got these goodies that I couldn't believe the prices of:

Huge Vera Bradley Purse, Love of Jesus ($1!!!); Grey Suede Boots, Love of Jesus ($3); A pair of non-sunglasses (for finding golf balls) and a pair of sunglasses, FanTastic Thrift ($0.45); Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2!!)

Plus, I got other cool stuff that I'll tell you about later, but I just couldn't wait to share these things! I couldn't believe I got basically everything on my list and two designer purses and leather boots and I could go on and on... for $20 total!

I mean, you could buy some ill-fitting pants at Wal Mart for $20! It just amazes me how great of things I can find for so little. It makes me smile :)

Have a great evening everyone. My outfit will be posted tomorrow!


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