Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage Treasures for Etsy :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I decided to give you all a sneak peek of some little things I'll be selling in my Etsy store.

They are all little vintage treasures, and I'm really excited to post them in a couple weeks!

For now, they are safely stored in my latest Samsonite train case, found Saturday, which is the oldest and coolest one I've found yet. The best part is that the inside is sparkly clean- the tag was still in one of the pockets!

This won't be for sale, as I just can't part with it, but everything inside will be :)

Super-vintage Samsonite Train Case, Good Samaritan ($4)

I found some really great things, like 70s little Christmas ornaments, a little ceramic wind chime, a plastic doll from Hong Kong, frogs that you put on your bookshelf- they look like they're climbing the books!, old "country-style" envelopes, and more!

I will also be listing some of my older finds, so feel free to ask if I can list something you fell in love with on here :) Depending on just how much I love it, I may let it go- just for you!

More goodies tomorrow!


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