Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thrift Crawl: Richmond, VA

So you all know by now that I go to the same 4 thrift stores every Saturday (except today, since I'm moving!), and they are all really great in their own ways. However, each has something that's particularly awesome, and that is what I'll share with you today!

Goodwill Outlet: My favorite, hands down. When you first go through the propped-open warehouse door, you see bins and bins. You would never know that there were treasures buried deep down if you just glanced over them. So, you must roll up your sleeves and dig! I go straight back to the purses/shoes and go through those first. This is where I've found many designer purses, stuffed down at the bottom. And the shoes here, especially the ones on the racks, are in suprisingly good shape! I've found almost-new shoes here on numerous occasions, and new shoes at least once. Then, I head over to the clothes and dig through there until I can take no more. After a quick walk-through of the misc bins, I am done. (Usually with a huge bag full to show for it!)

Love of Jesus Thrift Store: This is my next stop on Saturday mornings. You never know what you will find at this thrift, but I have found a designer purse as well as a super-vintage Cosmo mag. Oh, and they are a good source for train cases and old suitcases, too. Right now, they have an entire corner dedicated to Christmas, so if you're into decorations, certainly head over there, too.

Family Thrift: Now this thrift can be reallllly well-priced, or a little pricey, depending on what you're looking for. They have the best selection of vintage sunnies of any of Richmond's thrifts-well-priced at 99 cents to about 3 dollars each. They also have a room full of sale merchandise, where I've found Pyrex cups for 45 cents each and a Samsonite train case for $2. They also have numerous markers and art supplies, and sports equipment galore in the sale section.

Good Samaritan Thrift Store: This is possibly the most random thrift in Richmond, and also one of my favorites. They have a fairly large kid's section, which also holds vintage games (this is where I got my 1970s Boggle!). I always find cool little vintage things in the arts/crafts section, and they have loads of baskets if that's your thing. Their furniture also usually seems to be good quality, which is nice. (I'll probably be going back there once I move and need more!)

Hope you enjoyed my little tips and info, and if you're ever thrifting in the Richmond area, be sure to check these out!



  1. Found your site through a search for "thrifting in Richmond" -- I'm heading down that way tomorrow to take care of some paperwork and see a friend, and thought I'd try to squeeze some shopping in as well.

    Where's this Goodwill Outlet that you mention? A google of "goodwill richmond" leaves me enough hits to be confused... Ha, anyway, any address help that you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the sharing interesting blog post!

  2. -- a follow-up post: Just came back from my Richmond adventure, and that Goodwill Outlet was totally worth the side-trip! Digging was much more fun than browsing at the Second Debut place on Cary St. -- that place just lacked the nice mystery allure that thrift shopping really should have. Thanks again for describing the Outlet -- without your comment, I wouldn't have known about the place!

  3. Richmond Goodwill Outlet has seen a big change since 09. The place is full of illegal aliens fighting for shoes. No more treasures to be found here. All of the stuff is being screened. Treasures are being took home by employees.


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