Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blue and Green Should Be Friends

As long as I can remember, my favorite colors have been green and blue. I love them together! So naturally, I am drawn to greenish-blue things when I'm out thrifting. Imagine my delight when I found these awesome bookends! And these brand-new Target slippers!

Bookends, Goodwill ($2); Slippers, Goodwill ($2)

It's funny, because when the hubby and I went to North Carolina for Christmas, we went to a gem mine. And the little gift shop had bookends just like these for $40! Of course I had to snatch these up for $2 :)

What are your favorite colors together? Do you find yourself thrifting items in those combos? I'm interested to know if I'm the only one!



  1. I love those bookends! That is a real deal because yes those usually cost big $$ and they are beautiful! Cute slippers also. I hadn't thought about color combos but I do shop like that~! Love Pink & White together and right now seem to be attracted to Black & White & Red.

  2. True! I like those color combos, too :)

  3. Blue and Green as two of my favorite colors too! I have found myself so attracted to anything green lately... and I love those slippers. You find the cutest things!


  4. I have a serious issue with colors. While I like how they look together in theory, I never move much beyond neutrals when getting dressed. If its grey or black I'm all over it, but I hesitate to buy anything else. I used to make an effort to break out of my color rut but I'm just going with it now!


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