Monday, February 22, 2010

An Estate Sale Adventure

Yesterday, the hubby and I slept in until 10 o'clock (pretty late for us!), and relaxed all morning. It was so nice :) I decided to check if there were any estate sales going on, and there happened to be one pretty close to our place, so we got ready and headed over there.

To our surprise, when we got there about 5 minutes before the doors opened, there was a huge line! We're talking about 50 people, and this was the third day of the sale! We decided to go in anyway, and I'm glad we did. Inside, we found a cool stuffed globe and an elephant glass box, and in the garage I found awesome Foster Grant aviators and some cool signs!

Stuffed Globe ($2); Foster Grant Aviators ($1); Route 66 Sign ($1); Glass Box ($2); All: Estate Sale

Afterwards, we drove around and then had dinner at Texas De Brazil- yum! When we were there, I realized I hadn't taken a shot of my outfit yet-and I was even sporting Big Mustard! So, I sneaked a quick shot in one of their tall mirrors :)

It was pretty warm again yesterday, so a short-sleeved shirt with my favorite cardie was all I needed to keep cozy!

I don't know why, but every time I wear Big Mustard, I feel like I look like a weirdo! When I come home and look at the photos of it, though, it works :)

The mustard color is what really makes me love it- it seems to just go with everything I have in my closet! I know it'll get a lot of wear once spring is here and there's no more need for a jacket :)

I hope everyone's weekend was great, and have a happy Monday!

Outfit: Thrifted Big Mustard Cardie; Thrifted Pink Polka Dot Shirt; Thrifted Jeans; Thrifted Bag; Thrifted Dexter Shoes; Pin From Aunt Shelley For Christmas


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