Monday, February 1, 2010

My Snowed-In Outfit: Day Two

Well, I am thankful to say that yesterday was a LOT better outside than Saturday was! Although, yes, there was tons of snow on the ground, some of it was plowed and it was sunny!

Ahhh. Nothing brightens the spirit like a sunny day! It was so nice outside that I layered up- including two layers of socks- and walked to the Kroger and the Lowe's down the street. I bought a handy snow shovel at Lowe's and some yummy caramel hot chocolate and a bottle of water at Kroger, and then walked back and dug out the hubby's car for him.

Man, I got so much exercise :)

Here's a small glimpse of what I wore:

Thrifted Hat, Thrifted Sunnies, Thrifted Jacket, Thrifted Scarf, Thrifted Leather Backpack, Thrifted Jeans, Dollar Tree Socks, Thrifted Boots

And remember the road from yesterday's post that looked like Narnia? Sunday it looked like this:

Ahhh. Much better! Now, if the roads could just be completely clear, and the week could go by super-fast so I can go thrifting Saturday!!!!


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