Monday, February 8, 2010

What I Found: Bakelite and Bows!

The hubby and I were (thankfully!) able to dig my car out of the snow yesterday morning and get out of the apartment for the day :) After a hardy breakfast at Waffle House, we set off to Goodwill, West End Antiques, Heritage Antiques, and The Vintage Store in Carytown. (Basically all the cool places that were open!)

I found some lovely things, including lots of little treasures, a little glass dog that reminds me of my dog back home, cool pins, geode bookends, a tiny set of drawers for tiny treasures, and these three things, my favorites of the day:

Large Polka-Dot Bowtie, The Vintage Store ; Super-Awesome Leather Lace-Up Shoes, Goodwill; Yellow Bakelite Bracelet, West End Antiques

It was so nice to get out and thrift again, although I certainly can't wait to get out to Goodwill Outlet! I made the mistake of calling them Saturday, just to see if they were open during the snowstorm. They were. Of course, there was no way I could get there! Oh well. It will just be that much more exciting when I get to go this coming weekend :)

I found a bunch more cool things that I can't wait to show you all, so stay tuned for more treasures!



  1. Love that bracelet. All your finds are pretty darn cool! Glad you got out to Thrift some!

  2. The tie brings to mind the word "snappy" :)

  3. that's a pretty bracelet! i'm a sucker for bangles :)

  4. You're in Richmond! Blogger meet up! I'm DYING to meet other area bloggers -- I'm also a young married woman! I also love thrifting! Whoa! Let's hang out?



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