Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Play Hockey. Keep Teeth.

Probably my most favorite find from Saturday I haven't shown you all yet: my 1970s Ideal brand Hockey game!

I found this little gem at Love of Jesus, and since it didn't have a price on it, I was only charged $1! It's amazing, and all that was missing was the little ball it was supposed to come with. I found a bag of marbles at the antique store that same day for $1, and I was set!

Ideal Hockey Game, Love of Jesus ($1)

The only problem with this totally awesome, fooseball-type game? I happen to kind of stink at it! I have challenged the hubby to games every night since we got it, and I always lose. It's funny how competitive we get playing a silly little game, but it's intense. (Or, as intense as a little kid's toy from the 70s can be!)

I love it, though. I have a feeling it will be with us for some time. At least long enough for me to beat the hubby at just one darn game!

Have a great Wednesday :)



  1. oh i LOVE getting good deals like that!!!
    i got my favorite belt for 79 cents because the cashiers couldn't figure out where it came from--score!!

  2. So awesome! That seems to happen a lot at thrift stores- one of the many reasons I love them!


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