Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Even Creepy-Cool. Creepy-Awesome!

It's been a couple days, but I had to make sure that my Creepy Crawlers maker worked before I did a post on it! And oh. my. gosh. It's awesome :)

I was at Goodwill Outlet Saturday, with all the crazies, and they were putting out new boxes of misc. stuff. I managed to nudge my way into the crowd and waited for something to catch my eye. That's when the lady next to me picked up a Creepy Crawlers box! I held my breath as she contemplated buying it...and about three seconds after she put it down, it was mine :)

When I got out of the crowd and looked in the box, it was a complete set! Even the plasti-goop is in there! (Can you tell I'm excited about this?)

Anyway...here's my treasure, to which I added a 1964 tray to yesterday. It works, and it's just so much fun!

Creepy Crawlers Set, Goodwill Outlet (<$1)

I also added some new things to the shop, including a bakelite-handled corkscrew :)


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