Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Thrifting Outfit: Featuring New Finds!

I worked yesterday morning, and then quickly changed and drove out to my favorite thrifts. Of course, I forgot to take pictures beforehand of my outfit (which was admittedly pretty boring...).

So I figured that when I got home, I'd change into my newly thrifted clothes and take some shots right before the sun went down!

Floral Shirt, Goodwill Outlet; Trench Coat, Good Samaritan; Jeans, Goodwill; Socks, Dollar Tree; Bass Duck Shoes, Love of Jesus; Sunglasses, Love of Jesus

Everything I'm wearing here, except the jeans and socks, were found today! While I didn't find my oxfords (I will look 'till I find them, of course!) I found something else on my 'want' list: duck shoes :) You wouldn't believe how expensive these are- even on etsy and eBay!

I found these perfect Bass brand (my maiden name :)) shoes at Love of Jesus for a mere $3. They're waterproof, so they're great for now in the melting snow and later in the spring rain. And the sunnies? Pure granny-type awesome. And they stay on my little nose, which is a feat in itself!

The trench was a neat find at Good Samaritan- they only charged me $2 for it, and it's in great condition. Although, it is a little cold outside to be sporting it right now.

Lastly, the floral shirt was one of those 'oh...I'm at Goodwill Outlet, so it'll be less than $1...I'll grab it' things. But I really like it! I think it'll get a lot of wear once it warms up a little :)

I found other great things that I can't wait to show you all! (Original Creepy Crawlers set anyone?!?)


PS: The neighbor kids made that awesome snowman!
PPS: Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

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  1. Oh I love those shoes, they may be on my lookout for list now!!! You look cute as always and the snowman is great! I got a cute Pink Shirt the other day at GW and I will wear it for Valentine's Day!


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