Saturday, February 6, 2010

Love Forever

I had this whole post written out, and it sounded so dreary and down. So I am starting over! So what if it's snowing and I can't go to my fave thrifts yet again? So what if I'll probably be stuck in my apartment all weekend again? I'm going to be positive about it, darnit!

So, on a positive note, here's what I have been wearing daily and loving to death:

Love Forever Locket, Good Samaritan Thrift (in $1 bag of jewelry); Silk cord, etsy (about $2 for 5)

I love this locket! The coolest thing about it is that the 'Love Forever' looks just like my cursive :) I can't wait to put little pics of the hubby in it. When I'm feeling down about the weather, I just look at this sweet little thing, and I can't help but crack a smile.



  1. Thanks! I love it :) I wish I could go out this weekend and find more great things... darn weather!!!

  2. Very sweet locket. Hope your weekend is ok even if you can't thrift!


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