Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Most Perfect Backpack!

When I went to my local Goodwill on Thursday night (knowing I couldn't go to Goodwill Outlet the coming Saturday due to snow!), I found the most perfect leather backpack!

It was hanging up with the purses, but it stood out from the others with it's nice quality :) The little zippers had 'APC' on them, and when I Googled the company, I found out that this is an $80 bag! Score!

I took it when I trekked to the Lowe's and Kroger on Sunday, and it was the perfect size- with padded straps, even! I wish I could use it every day instead of a purse, but since I work at a credit union, that might not be the best idea! Could you imagine me, waltzing into a workplace that contains money with a backpack!?!

Anyway...I just had to share :) I hope your week is going by quickly! Only a couple more days until Goodwill Outlet :)


PS: Happy Birthday, Dad!

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