Thursday, June 17, 2010

C.A.P.: Like a Thrift Store for Car Lovers :)

Every other weekend, when the hubby is off work, he goes thrifting with me. A couple weekends ago, I decided we should do something more his style too. So I suggested we go to the nearby Chesterfield Auto Parts, pay the $1 entry fee, and take a look around.

I must say, I felt overwhelmed by the abundance of cars and parts of cars strewn all over a huge junkyard. (Probably not unlike how the hubby feels when surrounded by shoes, purses, and clothes at Goodwill Outlet...)

They didn't have the part he was looking for, but we did have a good time looking around the Ford section and taking pictures of cool old cars!

But yeah, my favorite things were the vintage cars and buses- look at that awesome circular window! How cool is that?

Basically, the way Chesterfield Auto Parts works is that you bring your own tools and take out the part you're looking for. Then you bring it back to the registers and pay according to the type of item.

Although things there aren't real thrift store cheap, the hubby assures me that they are great deals. In fact, it was my dad-in-law who suggested that C.A.P. was a sort of "thrift store for guys"! I think he's right- although I'm sure there are plenty of women out there too who would understand this crazy neat place more than I do :)


This is a pre-scheduled post- I'm on my Florida vacation :)

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  1. Wow, that actually sounds fun to me...but I am unnaturally obsessed with taking things apart, so I think that's the appeal more than the actual cars! Hahaha.


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