Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Yard Sale Tale

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that my yard sale experience Sunday was interesting. That's definitely the word for it! So, I went to two different yard sales in the west end of Richmond (where the hubby and I live). They were both newer, huge houses, and the first one was very strange.

It was advertised as a yard sale, but when I got to the mansion-like house, there was nothing outside! I thought at first I was at the wrong place, but then I spotted a sign that said 'estate sale-come on in!' so in I went. I was the first person there, which was awkward to say the least...

Why does it seem so normal to go to estate sales in older, smaller homes, and so weird to go to one in a newer, larger one? I walked through the three-story house, but it was mostly children's items. I did find one thing I had to have, though: a Domino magazine from a couple years ago that I no longer have a copy of! And an old Lucky mag too :)

Magazines, 'Estate' Yard Sale ($1); Beads, 'Normal' Yard Sale ($1 for all)

The strangest thing about the house that the 'estate sale' was in was not that it was a new house or a big one. The lady running it said that the owners had recently moved out and left some things for her to sell. This included the third story attic room which still had a high school senior hipster boy's posters and random curse words all over the walls! And a huge reptile tank for sale in the corner of the room... Luckily there were no reptiles in sight!

After I left that sale with my magazines and a little bit of a sprint to my step, I drove to the second yard sale. It was the stereotypical neighborhood-type yard sale with tons of kid toys and random miscellany. I was about to walk away empty-handed, but then I saw a little tub with beads in it! As I've mentioned about a billion times in the past couple weeks, my sis-in-law makes jewelry, and I know how expensive nice glass beads can be. I snatched up a couple strands for her and made my way back to my apartment.

Whew! It takes a lot of words to explain the odd-ness of neighborhood yard sales! I think I'll stick to the traditional estate sales and thrift shops for awhile :)


This is a pre-scheduled post- I'm on my Florida vacation :)

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  1. The first sale sounds creepy!! At least you found something. I like thrift shops a lot!


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