Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Finds Wrap-Up: The Unusual Things

As you may have noticed, I sometimes gravitate toward the unusual :) (Real bug ring, anyone? Lol!) So of course I had to pick up a couple strange things on my Florida trip!

I had to include my favorite thrift shop sign ever- I couldn't believe it when I saw it! We had to go inside and see for ourselves...and yup! One side was random junk and the other was lures and live bait and fishing poles. I didn't buy anything there, but it was worth it just to see such a random place!

Live Bait/Thrift Shop Boat Sign; Crazy Print Silk Shirt, Goodwill Outlet Bradenton; Sword-Shaped Letter Opener, United Methodist Thrift Shop; Vintage Aprons, UMTS and What a Find! Thrift

The aprons are vintage awesome-ness and the crazy shirt reminds me of those posters you cross your eyes at to see a picture. Of course my favorite of these finds is my crazy sword letter opener that's about as sharp as Zorro's real one :) (The hubby gently took it away from me in the thrift store when I made this connection and drew a "Z" in the air...)

Happy Friday!!!


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  1. Wooooah! That's an awesome thrift store sign/boat! How weird!


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