Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's the Little Things...

Due to limited luggage space, most of the thrifted Florida goodies I brought back were small. But I love little things, so it worked out well :) I came home with a mostly full drawstring bag of jewelry and miniature treasures!

Pardon the odd background of the photos, as I took them on the long car ride back to Virginia. I used the camo shorts I was wearing as a backdrop to the brightly colored goodies:

Necklaces, Bradenton Beach Thrift Shops; Shell Bracelet, Holmes Beach Antique Shop; Pins, Various Florida Thrift Shops; Beaded Flower Coin Purse, Nearly New Thrift in Sun City

The red necklace was the best deal at 50 cents! It's super-long, so you can wear it doubled over. I found it hanging in a little antique shop called 'A Yard Sale' of all things! It didn't have a price tag, so I asked the cashier and he said anything that wasn't marked was 50 cents. Pretty awesome :)

The coin purse might end up in the etsy shop (sooo have to update it! it's been awhile!), but the rest of these little goodies are for me! I love how I can add a little bit of interest to an outfit with a pin or non-metal necklace :) Life would be easier if I could just wear whatever jewelry I pleased, but it sure is fun to hunt down things I can wear!

I hope your week is going well :) Mine is pretty much flying by- a great thing for the week after vacation!



  1. I love your great finds, you did great! Oh my, that little coin purse is just adorable!

    Have a good day!


  2. I thought you'd be excited to hear about this: I found a neat little thrift store in North Kansas City, Small place just opened. I found a wooden bead vintage necklace for $2! Can't wait to post pics up so you can check it out :)

  3. Thanks, Nancy! And Megan- I can't wait to check it out!


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