Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shoes, Sunnies, and Excitement!

For once, I actually did thrift both things I'd been looking for on Saturday: a light blue shirt and circle sunnies. Although I'll have to debut the blue shirt once we take the in-laws' family beach picture, I wore the sunnies on Sunday :)

Another thing I found Saturday? The perfect pair of t-strap leather Dexter flats! They are soooo comfy- I wore them all day Sunday and my feet felt like heaven :)

Oversize Circle Sunnies, Good Samaritan ($0.99); Vintage Dexter Flats, Goodwill Outlet ($2)

You can see part of Sunday's estate and yard sale outfit in the sunglasses photo :) I'll show you the whole outfit tomorrow! I have to say, the large frames did a great job keeping my eyes shaded from the super-bright sun that day.

And, like I said, these shoes are sooo comfy. The cut-outs kept my feet nice and airy in the hot, hot weather, and they have such great arch support! (Man, I'm sounding like a grandma here. I love that! Grandmas are super-awesome!)

I hope you have a great day :) We leave for Florida tomorrow morning- I'm so excited for vacation and seeing family and friends and everything! I have scheduled posts for most of the days I'll be gone, with a couple days open for Florida posts. You'll be able to tell the scheduled posts by a little note on the bottom of the post  :)


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