Monday, June 21, 2010

The Finds That Got Away: Animal Edition

Hey! How is everyone? I'm back from my Florida vacation, and we had so much fun :) Today, it's back to work, and I still have to sort through the many photos I took and my thrifted finds. For now, I'll show you a couple things I wish I had gotten when we went to the Nearly New thrift store and the Goodwill in Sun City, Florida.

Mouse Flats ($2); Tiger Cross-Stitch Wall Art ($3.99)

The flats I passed up because they were a couple sizes too small for me :( I probably should've gotten them anyway and sold them in my etsy shop. Oh well, at least I have this photo I sneaked in the mayhem of the "shoe room" I found my beloved oxfords in :) 

And the tiger wall art? What can I say- I love it! I think it's just so neat, but everyone who was thrifting with me (my mom, dad, brother, husband, and friend) all said it was way too ugly to get. Even though it was under $4. And awesome.

Of course I took a photo so I can ask random friends if they think it's cool, but so far no dice! Everyone but me thinks it's hideous. I stand by my decision to love it- even if it'll never grace our apartment wall. Poor tiger!

I had a lovely time in Florida- how was you all's past week? I can't wait to catch up on my favorite blogs :)



  1. I wish I could just GO to Florida! lol But its so far away from Kansas. I'll be hitting up some small town flea markets around here which have amazing finds! Recently came across an 1881 "Official Certificate for Prostitution"! Complete with her guarder belt, rings and pictures :) Neat finds!


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