Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Lambs and Awesome Accessories!

Saturday was probably the best thrift day I've had in the past couple months! Not only did I find some pretty awesome vintage things, I also found a couple new goodies :) And, as a bonus, the hubby found things he liked too, including a vintage pipe for a mere $2.50. I was so proud of him!

Here are the great accessories that came home with me:

Studded Leather Purse, Goodwill Outlet ($2); Young Pendleton Lamb Scarf, Love of Jesus ($1); Black Bangle, Antique Shop ($1); Vintage Glasses, Salvation Army ($1 each)

I love all of these so much! I wore the studded bag yesterday for church and then estate sale shopping, and it fits a surprising amount of essentials in it while still being lightweight. The lamb scarf is so silky and lovely, and the fact that it's Pendleton brand makes it high-quality too!

The glasses are so neat- a guy pair and a girlie pair :) I have quite the little vintage glasses collection going, so I might be listing some in the etsy shop soon. Speaking of which, I listed some new items, check 'em out!



  1. I love the scarf! The lamb print is too cute, and that it's high quality is fabulous!


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