Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thrifted Beach Reads!

I've been gathering a couple books to read while lounging on the beach this week :) What better place to buy books than the thrift store, too! So, so much cheaper than the bookstore (even though I used to work at Borders and loved it!).

Here are my beach reads:

1. Jaws; 2. The Pump House Gang; 3. Tuck Everlasting; 4. Savannah Blues

1. A beach vacation isn't complete without a little horror, right? Ha, ha. I actually have never read this book, so we'll see if it scares me out of the water! (I've seen a little bit of the movie, but not all...)

2. This 1960s book drew me in because of the funky color of the cover. We'll see if it keeps my attention, and no, it doesn't look at out-there as the title suggests!

3. I saw the movie and liked the story, although it's a little sad. I'm glad that I'll be reading the book after the movie for once.

4. I actually read this book at the beach a couple years ago, when I borrowed my now mom-in-law's copy. It's because of this series that the hubby and I honeymooned at Tybee Island, Ga. and the main character's an antiques 'picker'! After I found this for 45 cents at Family Thrift, I knew I had to re-read it :)

And a little review of my last thrifted book, Jim the Boy:

While it was set in the Depression-era south, there wasn't much in the book that alluded to the state of the country at the time. I suppose this is because it was told in 10-year-old Jim's voice, and he didn't know that the country was in a depression? But other than that, it was well-written and a quick, nice read.


This is a pre-scheduled post- I am on my Florida vacation :)


  1. Awesome book cover!!

  2. I should really read more, that's one of my summer goals. Very cool.


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