Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fave Vacation Find; Least Fave Vacation Thrift Store

I went to a lot of different thrift stores on our Florida vacation. Brandon, Sun City, Plant City, Lakeland, and Bradenton ones were scoured for treasure. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my pretty small luggage) I didn't find a whole lot of things!

Little finds were the norm, with multiple vintage necklaces and pins popping up everywhere. My two largest (in size) purchases were my pretty oxfords and this wonderful old carpet bag:

Vintage Carpet Bag, Goodwill Outlet Lakeland ($1)

Although I dug up this lovely bag from the depths of a bin, the Lakeland Goodwill Outlet is not even half as good as my beloved Richmond one. For one, it was tiny. Second, the bins were mostly super-deep and hard to go through. Third, the stuff wasn't even worth going through!

The best thing was that the prices were a tiny bit better than our Richmond one, which is how I got this beautiful carpet bag for a mere dollar :) As much as I was dissapointed in this G.O., I guess it was worth it for my one treasure!



  1. That's an amazing carpet bag! I've seen ones just like that for sooo much at antique stores- lucky you got it for a dollar!

  2. OOOoo! I love the bag!!! And I like how you post about all of your trips, not just the most fruitful ones :) I'm a little behind in replying to email - sorry!! I get carried away with commenting on all of these awesome blogs and can't stop myself!


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