Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoe Jackpot and What I'm Wanting :)

I couldn't stay away from my local Goodwill once I got back to Richmond! Thursday after work I drove straight there :) I'm so glad I did, too, 'cause I found something I've been searching for forever and something great for the etsy shop! Check 'em out:

Toms Shoes; Vintage Oxfords; Both: Goodwill

The Toms shoes are for me :) I've been searching for these forever at my fave thrift stores, and honestly never thought I'd find them! These are perfect- so comfy and I'm kind of loving camo right now. (I think it's my inner tomboy fighting to get out after all the girlie things I've been drawn to lately!)

The beautiful oxfords will be in my etsy shop once I manage to update it!

Ohhh, and what I'm wanting as I thrift? I have a little list going of things for my family/friends, plus I'm dying to find the perfect circle sunnies and leather sandals! (My other circle sunnies suffered a painful death on the concrete the other day... whoops!)



  1. Great finds! Love the Toms shoes!

  2. Love those oxfords! Oh my gosh!! So freakin' cool!! Sorry to hear about your sunglasses :( Hoping you find another, even better pair soon :)


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