Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jewelry, Dots, and A Thrifted Remix

I wrote the other day about the Good Samaritan thrift store, and how wonderful the cashiers there are. I mentioned to them that my sister-in-law makes jewelry, and now whenever they put together bags of 'junk jewelry' they save it for me!

I look through the bags for anything I am in love with (which is usually a piece or two) and then pass the rest on to her :) (She's about to open an etsy shop with her handmade jewelry, and I'll definitely let you guys know when she has it up! She's great :))

Junk Jewelry, ($0.99 a bag); Good Samaritan; Vintage Scarves, Goodwill Outlet

Another thing I was super excited to find was the polka dot scarf above. It's long and skinny and silky like my yellow and white polka dot one that I absolutely love! (See outfits below, although I've probably worn it 10 more times that didn't get photographed!)
Thrifted Remix: Yellow Polka Dot Scarf

The cool navy nautical scarf shown with the dotted one will soon make it's way into the etsy shop, although maybe not until I get back from vacation :)

Do you ever thrift things for friends/family? I find that when I'm looking for someone else is when I have the most fun!



  1. You always find the best scarves! And I loved how the yellow one is tied in the first picture - I think I said that the first time you posted it, but I'm gonna say it again - like a short, wide mens tie. So cute!

  2. Thanks Alya! :) I'm looking forward to wearing the blue dotted one the same way!

  3. Ooh i love finding bags of junk jewelry! Its so fun salvaging pieces.

    I'm glad you're happy with the purse.

    Whats funny is I mailed it last week and paid for 2nd day shipping and it just got to you??! I'm sorry! Damn mail system..

  4. It's okay Sarah! Our postal service is awful here, seriously! Thanks again, though :)


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