Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fringed Fabulous

 Goodwill Outlet was an adventure this past Saturday. Unfortunately, they were putting out new bins and were therefore filled with crazies. (The wild-eyed, elbow-length medical-gloved packs with carts filled to the brim and angry voices. I avoid them at all costs.)

In the already picked over bins, I managed to find a few treasures, though, including something for the hubby and the hippie-awesome fringed sandals from yesterday's post:

Pirate Ship Container for Hubby; Fringed Sandals; Both: Goodwill Outlet

The hubby loves this pirate container, which he says will be perfect for holding his smoking pipe accessories. (I am just super glad when he finds something he likes while we're thrifting! It's so fun to watch someone else have a great time too:))

The fringed sandals I can already tell will be a favorite. The best thing about them is that they pretty much cover your toes, so if your toenail polish is a little (or a lot) chipped, no worries! Your little fringed buddies will have

I hope your Wednesday is treating you well! I'm definitely a fan of short weeks, although I do have to work a half day this Saturday. But after that, it will be thrifting time, then a day and a half more work, then vacation :) Ahhhh, so close to total relaxation and amazing Florida thrifting.


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  1. My boyfriend would really like the pirate thing, neat! and I would totally rock those sandals! haha


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