Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Wraps For Two!

Thursday night, I went on a last-ditch effort to actually find something at my local Goodwill. Luckily, my thrift mojo had returned!  I found some super-soft jeans, a striped button-up, a book, and these great beach wraps:

Vintage beach wraps, Goodwill ($2 each)

They are both made of super-soft rayon, and will be absolutely perfect for our beach vacation in June! (I sure seem to be finding a lot of summer things lately, huh?) I actually brought the turquoise one with me to Florida as a lightweight blanket for the plane!

I used to have one of these that I thrifted in Florida years ago, but it was lost in the many moves I've made since then. I was excited to find two great ones all the way in Richmond :)

How's your weekend going? My little brother graduates college today, which is awesome! Congrats, Andrew!



  1. Awesome!!! I love rayon- so comfy!

  2. Cool finds! Congratulations to your brother, by the way. :)


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