Friday, May 7, 2010

A Necklace and a Lighter

This week is just flying by! It's amazing how fast it goes when you're off on Monday, even though being at work would've been much less tiring than going through the crazy travel ordeal we went through!

Anyway, I have more finds from Brandon to share with you :) The first is from Lighthouse Thrift, which I mentioned yesterday, and the second from a little antique store right by my parent's house.

Sead Bead Necklace, Lighthouse Thrift ($1); Vintage Lighter, Antique Shop ($3)

I had been to the little antique shop years ago, and I didn't remember it being anything special. But my mom brought my Grammy and I there anyway, on the off-chance that something good would be there. In the midst of overpriced knick-knacks was this really neat lighter marked down to three bucks.

It was the only cheap thing in the shop, and pretty much the coolest too! The hubby loves it :) (Although because we didn't check bags this trip, we'll have to bring it back to Richmond in June- our next Florida trip!)

The necklace was also too special to resist :) I have had such great luck lately finding non-metal necklaces- it's so nice to have options!

I hope you have a great Friday! I have to work tomorrow morning, but then I will be off to my fave thrifts for the first time in a month!



  1. Love that necklace! Amazing finds. Have a good time thrifting!

  2. adore adore adore that necklace

  3. Great necklace, looks like you could wear it many different ways! Yay for seeds and bead jewelry :)

    I love love love that lighter! The worn crest is so totally cool.

    Hope you have a great weekend :)


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