Friday, May 21, 2010

The Cute and The Unusual

Yay- it's Friday! You know what that means, don't you? One more day until thrift shopping fun :) (Do you all go thrift shopping on Saturdays too? I have to, since I work full time during the week.) But I'm getting ahead of myself. I still have one last group of goodies to show you from Sunday's epic estate sale:

Glass Telephone Pole Insulator; Vintage Blue Evening Bag; Vintage Camera Bag; Vintage Napkins; All: Estate Sale 5-16-10

You may be curious about the unusual blue glass insulator. I know I was the first time I saw one! Apparently, they used to be placed on top of telephone poles to keep the wires insulated from the wooden poles. I like them because they're so pretty :) We have a little collection going on our windowsill. (Here is some more info on them if you're interested from

Now onto the cute things! I love this little evening bag, and when the checkout lady rang it up at 75 percent off, it was less than a dollar :) She said she was jealous! The camera bag is neat because the strap is detachable, and there's a longer one inside for over-the-shoulder carrying. And finally, the little tea towels were an irresistible 25 cents!

Whew! That's finally all that I got from the estate sale last Sunday. The total for everything, plus two things for the hubby, was a mere $5. Now that's a deal, my friends.



  1. I have several of the telephone pole insulators! They are very appealing! Great finds once again.

  2. Never knew about the insulators, I will have to keep a look out! I just love the camera bag, great finds!! Have a great weekend :)


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