Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vintage Finds from Saturday

I had pretty good luck finding vintage goodies on Saturday's thrift trip :) Not only did I find the vintage Coach purse and wicker bag I showed you yesterday, but I lucked out with a perfectly fitting vintage hat and awesome non-metal jewelry!

I mentioned yesterday how one of the bangles I bought at Midlothian Antiques in a pack of four turned out to be bakelite. Here's the whole pack, plus a ring and my other finds:

Vintage Hat ($5); Vintage Plastic and Bakelite Bangles ($4); Vintage Ring ($4); All: Midlothian Antiques; Wicker Bag, Goodwill Outlet ($2)

I honestly didn't thrift much more on Saturday, except a 1990s Polly Pocket for 10 cents! Did anyone else play with them as a kid? I remember getting one on Easter and playing with it after church :) I don't think they make the small ones anymore, since the little people were probably swallowed by kids more than once!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday :)



  1. Polly Pocket is huge now. I miss tiny Polly

  2. I was wondering why they stopped making little Polly Pocket, it all makes sense now. She's not so pocket-sized anymore I guess :) I LOVE the Bakelite bangles, perfect for our sensitive skin!!


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