Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday's Estate Sale Tale

Yesterday, I visited 3 estate sales and an antique store and came home with all sorts of treasure! My adventure took me from the west end of Richmond to the country towns in Hanover County (including Beaverdam!) to Midlothian and back. For those who haven't visited Richmond, that's a pretty long way. :)

Before I get too far into the story of my day, here's a photo of what I wore:

Straw Hat and Ray Bans, Pensacola Goodwill; T, Old Navy; Sweater, Goodwill; Jeans, Goodwill; Shoes, Goodwill; Purse, Goodwill Outlet

Okay, back to my adventure. So, one of the local estate sale companies was holding two estate sales in the hills of Hanover County- one nearer the city and one in a barn wayyyy out in the woods. (AKA: I saw not one, but two men mowing their huge country lawns with tractors with a mowing attachment on the back!)

I went to the "city" one first, and found quite a few neat things, including an 80s red Capezio bag, a butterfly scarf, and a little leather box with "studs" embossed on it. Pretty cool stuff.

Then I made my way 20 minutes into the woods toward the "country" estate sale. It was packed. Cars everywhere. A huge line to the register. Oh my. But it was well worth it! There were so many neat things in the rickety old country barn that I was almost overwhelmed. There was a whole room filled with vintage pipe accessories, but all the pipes had already sold. (The hubby collects vintage pipes, so I was hoping to get one there.)

But I did end up with another blue glass insulator to complete my windowsill collection, a vintage safety razor for the hubby, and a tobacco tin filled with random treasure. Here's what I found inside, plus the safety razor:

All this was $3 total! Yeah, that's four vintage pocket knives, keys, a penny, a tie tack, some random brass things, and what I think is a shell from a bullet. Crazy right?

After I left the crazy country estate sale, I went over to Midlothian Antiques to get some pipes for the hubby and to one last estate sale. It was the least exciting of the three, although I did find a vintage TWA bag and a couple neat pieces of costume jewelry.

Whew! Now that I've talked the socks off of you, I'll show you everything else later on this week, plus Saturday's finds.

Have a fantastic Monday :)



  1. Oh my gosh, those antique keys, just gorgeous!! And the price was just right :) I would put those on a string and wear them around my neck every day. Sounds like a great trip, I always love reading about your adventures!!

  2. You could make an AWESOME necklace out of those keys. I've been trying to DAYS to buy a lot of skeleton keys to make some necklaces. You find some amazing things

  3. that's pretty cool! I'm lately loving this key necklace I saw that one lone key on a vintage chain with a big ribbon tied through the loop, it was lovely ;)

  4. I have a little collection going of cool skeleton keys :) They are awesome!


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