Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15th :)

Yay! It's my 24th birthday! I can't believe that I'm this far past being a teenager :) Today, I'll be thrifting with the hubby, seeing a movie, and eating dinner with the in-laws at Bonefish Grill. (Yum, yum!)

Hopefully, I'll find some great things to show you next week on today's thrift trip :) I do have one last group of things to show you that I thrifted the day after we got home from Florida at our local Goodwill:

Vintage Viewmaster Reels, Goodwill ($2 for all!)

I was so excited to open a sort of crappy-looking box and find these. I have a 1950s viewmaster, and I just love the old reels- especially for such an awesome price! The coolest thing is that they are from Florida theme parks Disney and Busch Gardens, which I grew up around. How neat to see how they looked before I was even born :)

I hope everyone has a great day! I know I will!


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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love view finders!! Those have to be the coolest things to look at. Have a fun day!


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