Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Close to Beach Time!

In less than a month, the hubby and I will be hopping on a plane back to Florida for a week and a half :) We'll be with my parents for the first half, and then at the beach with hubby's parents the second half! I seriously can't wait.

Of course, I've been stocking up on vintage thrifted beach goodies, and I found two awesome beach things at the estate sale we went to Sunday!

Vintage Beach Bag, 50 cents; Vintage Beach Towel, 10 cents; Both: Estate Sale 5-16-10

I think I mentioned the other day that everything at the estate sale was 75 percent off the already low prices! It was like vintage heaven in there :) 

The beach bag is the perfect size for a towel, magazine, sunscreen, cell phone, and anything else you might need beach side. It has so many compartments and pockets that it will be easy to stay organized :)

The beach towel- now thoroughly washed- is nice and big and comfy. Just like you want a beach towel to be!

Ahhh, all this beach talk is really making me wish for Florida. Less than a month to go until vacation time!!!



  1. I need me some beach bags! (Hey, random, but a couple people said they cant comment on my blog? Have you have any problems with your blog or is it just mine? Thanks!)

  2. Hey Megan! I haven't heard of any problems recently, but I know at first mine weren't working. I changed the security settings and it worked again :)


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