Monday, May 17, 2010

My Estate Sale Outfit: Vintage Coach and Bakelite

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to an awesome estate sale after church. It was amazing! Everything was 75 percent off, and there were so many cool things :) This is what I wore, minus the vintage wicker bag that I just had to show you all from Goodwill Outlet yesterday:

Ray Bans, Goodwill in Pensacola; T-Shirt, Old Navy ($2.50!); Vest, Thrifted; Jeans, Goodwill; Flip-Flops, Dollar Tree; Vintage Coach Purse, Good Samaritan; Vintage Wicker Bag, Goodwill Outlet; Bakelite and Plastic Bangles, Midlothian Antiques

I had to pull out my hippie vest again, since it's so spring-y and the weather was just right for it :) Cool story about the red Bakelite bangle I'm wearing. I got it yesterday at Midlothian Antiques as part of a 4 for $4 pack of 'plastic' bangles. It was only after I got home and took a closer look that I realized that it's the much cooler- and usually more expensive- bakelite material!

I felt pretty hippie-ish with my vest and bangles, but I'm liking that look for the steamy months ahead. Carefree and comfy is my kind of thing!

Happy Monday, everyone :)


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  1. glad to know I'm not the only one who shops at the dollar tree ;)


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