Monday, May 31, 2010

Thrifting My Stripes!

I found a couple really cool things yesterday while out thrifting, and most of my favorites were found at Good Samaritan. I really love going to this thrift store because it always seems like the least picked-over, and the staff is so friendly :) Since I come in once a week, they recognize me and always say hi, which is so nice.

This week, they had some bags of costume jewelry they were holding for me (I usually grab a couple of the pieces and give the rest to my sis-in-law who makes jewelry). I also found an awesome vintage Capezio striped bag that almost makes up for not being able to find the perfect striped Tshirt. And this great woven fan, which will be just what I need at the Florida beach I'll be at really soon!

Woven Fan, (50 cents); Striped Capezio Bag, ($1.99); Both: Good Samaritan thrift store

I can't say enough great things about Good Samaritan and the ladies who work there. It's especially unique in the Richmond hipster-filled scene to find a great thrift store that has vintage Coach bags like the one I'm giving away (enter here until tonight at 8 p.m. by the way!) and this great Capezio one. And it's where we got our desk that we love and our coffee table too!

I guess that's enough thrift store gushing for one day :) Hope your long weekend is going well, and I'll see you tomorrow!


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  1. Love that bag Amanda! I wish I could find a local thrift like that! Most of the one's around me are 'big business' and OK but the little local one's are the best! You do seem to find the best things there!!


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