Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'll Be Going on Bike Rides to Nowhere :)

Yesterday didn't start out as the best day ever. I have this awful chest cold and I had to work in the morning anyway. Then, I managed to trip and fall on the way to my car and break our little point-and-shoot camera. Oh, clumsy Amanda! :( But I was determined to make the day better, so I went and bought a very cheap digital camera to get me by until I save up for a new one and headed off to my favorite Richmond thrifts.

I'm so glad I was optimistic, 'cause guess what I found? An awesome vintage excercise bike!!!!! At Love of Jesus, just like I thought I might! All it needed were a few coats of paint (I chose 'ivy green'), and now it's all set! The best part? It's fairly small and has tiny wheels on the bottom, which make it easy to move from our balcony to the living room :)

Vintage Canadian Exercise Bike, Love of Jesus ($25)

Oh, and did I mention it's Canadian? Yup! What could be better than a Canadian exercise bike found in Richmond, VA? The funny thing is that Love of Jesus had not one, not two, not three...but four exercise bikes! This was definitely the cutest and most functional for our apartment, but I'm glad I had a selection to choose from :)

I was going to show you yesterday's outfit in this post too, but it's already getting a little long with my bike babbling! So expect a thrifting outfit post for your Monday morning :)



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