Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Few Goodwill Outlet Treasures

Although by Saturday I was feeling pretty sick, I did make it to my fave thrifts for about an hour. I found my awesome exercise bike (!) and picked up a couple things at Goodwill Outlet before coming home and crashing on the couch coughing! Here are my G.O. finds:

Jar of Buttons; Vintage Leather Clutch; 90s Game Boy Holder; 70s Leather Wallet; All Goodwill Outlet

It was pretty funny to find the jar of buttons, since my mom and Grammy and I were talking about them when I was in Florida. And the $8 price tag from an antique store was still on the jar! The vintage leather clutch is very soft and nice, and it will probably end up in the etsy shop soon.

I keep finding these GameBoy holders, and they are so neat! Should I attempt to use one as a very organized little purse? Ha ha, that would be a funny trend to start :) The awesome 70s wallet is already in my purse filled with my various membership cards, debit card, etc. There are so many card slots! It's perfect, 'cause each card has it's own secure little place so nothing gets lost!

I hope everyone's Wednesday is great :) I am feeling a little better, and am headed back to work this morning. Hopefully I'll be completely well by my birthday Saturday!



  1. Love your finds! That jar of buttons is really nice. I love a wallet with lots of slots!! Glad you are better, I've been down with a nasty cough for few days also. Hey Happy Birthday Saturday!

  2. Extremely jealous about the jar of buttons. There are just so many things you can do with them!!


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